• Lightbulb The student should consider charitable giving in order to feel good about helping others in need. Students must also be able to apply mathematical ideas and processes to problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace.


  • Read the following problem situation. Be ready to share your solution and thinking. You may need a pencil and paper.
    Becky realized she had too many clothes in her closet. Many of them she had outgrown and couldn’t wear anymore. The clothes were still in very good shape, so she decided to donate them to a local charity. It felt good to know that she could help another girl somewhere, who needed clothes, but couldn’t afford to buy them.

    Becky sorted her clothes by size before she took them to the center. Each tally mark stands for one piece of clothing. Use her tally marks to answer the questions.

    a)  What size did she have the most of?

    b)  How many pieces of clothing is she taking to the local charity?

    c)  She found 5 more shirts in her drawer that were a Size 8. How many Size 8s will she be donating now?


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