• Lightbulb Students will substitute a value or values into an equation or inequality to determine if it creates a true statement. Students will check the values one at a time to determine a true statement.


  • King is completing his math homework after school in the library. He is having difficulty with one of the questions that wants him to determine which of these solutions in the set {-4, -1, 2, 5} make the inequality 7 – 2x ≤ 11 true. How could someone explain the problem so that King understands how to solve it?

    Possible Solutions

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  • Supporting Standard

    7.11 Expressions, equations, and relationships. The student applies mathematical process standards to solve one-variable equations and inequalities. The student is expected to:

    (B) determine if the given value(s) make(s) one-variable, two-step equations and inequalities true


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