• Lightbulb Students should model and describe contextual multiplication situations using concrete objects. In second grade, students are beginning to lay the foundation of multiplication so they will use the vocabulary, __ groups of __ equals __. For example, 5 tables with 3 plates on each table equals 15 plates. Students should use a variety of objects to describe the multiplication situations they experience as repeated addition or as equivalent groups of objects. Second grade students do not learn and memorize multiplication facts as this is appropriate for third grade.


  • Billy won a prize at school. His teacher said that he would have two choices for the prize.
                        Choice 1: Get $3 for the next 3 days.
                        Choice 2: Get $2 for the next 5 days.
    Which choice would Billy receive more money? Explain your thinking.

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  • 2.6 Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to connect repeated addition and subtraction to multiplication and division situations that involve equal groupings and shares. The student is expected to:
    (A) model, create, and describe contextual multiplication situations in which equivalent sets of concrete objects are joined


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