• Lightbulb Students should use their prior knowledge from first grade about bar-type graphs and picture graphs to now be able to explain that the length of the bar in a bar graph and the number of pictures in a pictograph represent the number of times the data appears in a category. 



    You may need paper and pencil to complete the following tasks. 
    a) Sarah collected 9 shells, 4 marbles, 7 cards, and 8 stamps.
    1) Use this information to complete the bar graph.
    2) How would the graph change if Sarah found 3 more marbles?


    b) The Garden shop sold 30 plants in April, 35 plants in May, and 15 plants in June. Based on the given information, what key would complete this pictograph? Explain your thinking. 

Digital Tools


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  • 2.10 Data analysis. The student applies mathematical process standards to organize data to make it useful for interpreting information and solving problems. The student is expected to:
    (A) explain that the length of a bar in a bar graph or the number of pictures in a pictograph represents the number of data points for a given category


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