• Lightbulb Students should be able to identify a measurable attribute such as length, capacity, and/or weight of an object. For example, a piece of string has the measurable attribute of length. A bag of candy has the measurable attributes of length, capacity, and weight because the height of the box can be measured as well as the amount of cereal it takes to fill the bag, and the heaviness of the bag can weighted.


  • Look at the cereal box, cereal bowl, and the spoon shown below to answer the following questions.

     cereal box bowl spoon


    1. What would you be measuring if you measured the cereal box?
    2. Which is shorter, the box or the bowl?
    3. Which holds more, the box or the bowl?
    4. Which is heavier, the spoon or the bowl?



    Possible Solutions

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  • K.7 Geometry and measurement. The student applies mathematical process standards to directly compare measurable attributes. The student is expected to:

    (A) give an example of a measurable attribute of a given object, including length, capacity, and weight


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