• Lightbulb Students must be able to collect, sort, and organize two or three categories of data. Data is the information that is collected about people, events, or objects. After the information is collected, it must be sorted and organized into two or three categories. The data may be sorted using tally charts or a sorting mat and is organized or represented by tally marks, pictures, drawings. etc. 


  • Look at the animals shown below. Sort the animals into animals that can fly and animals that cannot fly. Complete the sentences and justify your thinking.
    a) There are ___ animals that fly.

    b) There are ___ animals that do not fly.

    c) There are ___ animals.
    Possible Solution

Digital Tools


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  • K.8 Data analysis. The student applies mathematical process standards to collect and organize data to make it useful for interpreting information. The student is expected to:

    (A) collect, sort, and organize data into two or three categories


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