• Lightbulb Students must be able to find the area of rectangles in problems based on the number of rows and number of square units in a row, using multiplication.


  • Remy’s family wants to turn their outdoor patio into an indoor sunroom. Part of the plan calls for covering the concrete slab with carpet squares that are 1 foot long on each side.

    Based on the illustration below, how many carpet squares are needed to cover the slab? Explain how you determined the number of squares they needed.


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  • Readiness Standard  

    3.6 Geometry and measurement. The student applies mathematical process standards to analyze attributes of two-dimensional geometric figures to develop generalizations about their properties. The student is expected to:

    (C) determine the area of rectangles with whole number side lengths in problems using multiplication related to the number of rows times the number of unit squares in each row


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