• Lightbulb The student must know the difference between spending and saving. Students must also be able to apply mathematical ideas and processes to problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace.


  • Read the following examples. Tell if each is an example of spending or saving. Then solve the problem and use a number sentence. Be ready to share your solution and thinking. You may need a pencil and paper.

    a)  Kathryn has decided to put her $5 dog walking earnings away so that someday she will have enough money for her own puppy. She had already $20. How much money does she have now?

    b)  Tom asked his dad to take him to the bike shop. He decided he needs a bike if he is going to start delivering newspapers in his neighborhood. He has $100 and the bike cost him $80. How much money does he have now?

    c)  Emily opened her piggy bank to see how much money is in the bank. After adding her $5 babysitting money, she had a total of nine dollars. How much was in her piggy bank to start with?
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