In Fifth Grade

  • Fifth grade students solved one- and two-step problems involving a frequency table, dot plot, bar graph, stem-and-leaf plot, and scatterplot. Students also represented discrete paired data on a scatterplot, and represented categorical data with bar graphs and frequency tables, and numerical data with dot plots and stem-and-leaf plots which may have included fractions and decimals.

In Sixth Grade

  • In sixth grade, students will represent and interpret data numerically using dot plots, stem-and-leaf plots, histograms, and box plots. Box plots and histograms are graphs new to sixth grade as well as be introduced to measures of center and measures of spread.

In Seventh Grade

  • Students in seventh grade will solve problems related to bar graphs, dot plots, and circle graphs. Circle graphs are new to seventh grade. Comparisons of dot plots and box plots using shapes, center, and spreads will be representing numerically. Students will also take random samples from two populations and use the data to make comparisons of two populations by making inferences.