• Lightbulb Students will be representing problems involving ratios and rates. They will use representations of scale factors, tables, graphs and proportions. It is important that when given a problem situation, students can create or determine each of these and use them as a way to “prove” their answers. Also, if given one of these representations, students should be able to create the other three. Getting used to using each of these representations will also help students compare and determine which is the most effective for them, or for the given scenario.


  • The local theater is a common place for students to go on field trips. The theater requires that for every 30 students, 2 adults attend the trip.

    table showing the number of students compared to number of adults

    Complete the table above to determine how many adults must attend if 150 students take a field trip to the theater.

    Possible Solution

Proportional Reasoning with Ratio Tables

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