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    When students are working on this standard, the one-step equations should include examples of all four operations. In other words, be sure that students are practicing equations that use each operation (addition equations, subtraction equations, etc). The variable in these equations should not always be in the same place. It can be in any of the three positions in the equation.
    Remember that equations have a definite solution and inequalities can yield more than one correct answer. Students need to remember that what is done on one side of the equation must be done on the other in order to maintain the balance.


  • Jordan stops to get gas on her way to work. Each gallon of gas costs $2.40. The total that Jordan spends on gas is $36.00. The equation below can be used to calculate x, the number of gallons of gas she purchased.
    2.4x = 36

    What is the value of x, the total number of gallons of gas Jordan purchased?

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