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    Although this standard is quite simple, it is important for students to understand that will use an equation when determining one result, and an inequality when needing more than one result, or a minimum/maximum answer. Emphasis will need to be placed on real-world examples of situations that would warrant an equation or inequality.
    Also, it is never good practice for students to rely on key words to form their equations and inequalities. If they get into this habit, it may cause them to form incorrect equations/inequalities. For example, if they are told that Marvin has 5 fewer baseball cards than Fernando, and Fernando has 25 baseball cards, they may incorrectly create a subtraction equation. Remember the format for these equations would be written as y = x + a. So, in this case, the equation should be 25 = x + 5. 


  • Southwest Airlines flew 35,678 passengers on their planes last week. The planes used hold 210 passengers. Write an inequality that could be used to determine the minimum number of flights the airline must have used last week.

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