• Lightbulb Students will be representing equations and inequalities given to them on a number line, be able to match an equation or inequality to a number line shown, or be able to choose which number line represents a given equation/inequality. Students need to practice this each way, so that they understand the full scope of the standard.

    Also, keep in mind that some students may have trouble understanding how to represent the inequalities correctly (since they will yield many results). If the number is included (meaning it is less than or equal to, or greater than or equal to) the point will be included and shaded in. If the inequality is simple greater than or less than, there will be an open circle on the point. This means that amount is not included as a possible outcome.


  • Brittany needs no more than 16 pounds of ground meat to make burgers for a picnic. At the store, she buys 4 packages of ground meat. The amount that each package can weigh is shown with the inequality below.

    4x < 16

    Create a number line that represents this inequality and the possible weights of the packages of ground meat.

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