• Lightbulb Students will need to practice with hands-on materials and pictures first in order to understand the three additional properties of triangles. In order to master this standard, students should be able to demonstrate this knowledge by solving problems and providing examples and non-examples. One of the best items to show these properties are chenille stems (pipe cleaners) because they can be bent and are flexible. Strips of paper with brads attaching them will work as well for flexibility.


  • Patricia drew a triangle as shown below.

    right triangle showing three angles

    Each of the following could be measures for Angle A or B except
         a) 63˚ because Angles A and B are obtuse and are larger than 90˚.
         b) 25˚ because Angles A and B are equivalent and 25 + 25 does not equal 90˚.
         c) 90˚ because it is impossible since the sum of all three angles must equal 180˚.
         d) 45˚ because Angles A and B are not equivalent.

    Possible Solution

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