• Lightbulb The student must read and solve worded problems that will involve more than one step draw a strip diagram and use a letter to represent the missing number. They must be able to write an equation that could be used to solve problem. They must be able to explain how they solved the problem and how they know they are correct.
    Note: The problem could involve addition and subtraction of numbers with 2 decimal places and fractions with the same denominator.


  • Daniel has a collection of baseball cards. His mom gave him a set of 48 cards for his birthday. His grandmother gave him twice as many cards as his mother did. Now he has 352 cards. How many cards did he have before his birthday? Draw a strip diagram to model this situation and write a numerical equation that could be used to solve the problem with a letter used to represent the unknown quantity.

Using Strip Diagrams with Multi-Step Problems

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